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An Exposure Trip

Updated: Jan 4

The staff at The Northeast India AV Archive have been looking for ways to learn more about the technical procedures involved in the archiving of films, particularly the archiving and storage of celluloid films. The exposure trip to the National Film Archive, Pune and Films Division India, Mumbai was taken by Nathaniel Majaw, Project Director, The Northeast India AV Archive and Dondor Lyngdoh, faculty of the Department of Mass Media, St Anthony's College Shillong as an initiative to learn about those technical aspects and to discover the crucial part of film archiving which involves the storage of production notes, posters, records and documents of the film. The visit was akin to a classroom experience where we realised the importance of making the approach to the archive more public-oriented by learning how to make the content owned by us more accessible and by re-orienting our online interface, making it more user-friendly and user effective.


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