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Stories from the Valley - Book

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

On the 14th of November 2023, a book titled 'Stories from the Valley' authored by D Junisha Khongwir and Karen L Donoghue was launched at the Shillong Literary Festival. 'Stories from the Valley' is published by The Northeast India AV Archive and produced by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan. Below is a brief description of the book and a link to purchase it.

Tucked away in the south-eastern part of Shillong city, Happy Valley is a small locality especially known for the Mizo population that has settled there from the 1960s onwards earning the place monikers like ‘Lushai Valley’ and ‘Mini Mizoram’. "Stories from the Valley" threads together a community history of the diasporic Mizos of Happy Valley through a captivating blend of evocative images, personal narratives, and cherished family photographs. This book takes you on a compelling journey into the heart and soul of Happy Valley uncovering the trials and triumphs, the customs and traditions, and the resilience and spirit of a community whose history has often remained hidden.

Explore the living history of Happy Valley and the remarkable Mizo community that has, against all odds, transformed this locality into a living testament of unity, strength, and the enduring human spirit.

Author bios:

Donskobar Junisha Khongwir is a Khasi woman born in 1986 and brought up in Laitlyngkot, Meghalaya. She is an educator and a visual artist. Junisha graduated from AJK Jamia Millia Islamia University. She’s an Assistant professor at the Department of Mass Media , St Anthony’s college, Shillong. She is also the curator at the Northeast India AV Archive.

Karen Lalrindiki Donoghue teaches in the Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication, NEHU Shillong. Her PhD is focused on media representations of Northeast India on mainstream Indian media and her research interests include Media Representation, Media and Gender and Oral History. She enjoys reading, playing the guitar and listening to music, loves long walks with her dogs and writes poetry occasionally.

Stories from the valley is produced by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and published by The Northeast India AV Archive.

Book Title: Stories from the Valley

ISBN: 978-81-964309-4-8

Weight: 800 gms

Country of Origin: India


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