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The Northeast India AV Archive

The Northeast India AV Archive is a public audiovisual archive established in 2019, and located in the Department of Mass Media, St Anthony's College Shillong. The endeavours of the archive are aligned with its goal to record and preserve memories and legacies which are being fast forgotten, through its collection and conservation of audiovisual materials, and its effort to concretise the narratives and stories of people belonging to different communities in the region. The Northeast India AV Archive has been making its approach to raise awareness about the significance of archives and memory institutions highly people-oriented, by  organising film festivals and photo exhibitions with the intention to help people realise the value of audiovisual heritage in the acquisition of knowledge about tradition and culture, and in reviving them too. It endeavours to make its access a holistic experience for all its users, online and offline both. [Read More]


We welcome you to a detailed view of our collections that are housed in our archive. These collections represent the heritage of the region through the essence of experiences and realities that they encapsulate. The photographs, videos, films, transparency slides and negatives are depictions of several personalities, locations and events in the northeastern region of India. They record the widely known cultural practices in the region and the most unique and lesser known ones too. Monumental events in the region’s history have been recorded in these audiovisual materials and locations of religious, historical and anthropological significance have been depicted well in these audiovisual materials.

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The Northeast India AV Archive is proud to partner with Nar Bahadur Bhandari Government College, Sikkim, TakeOne, Nagaland, Prologue Bookstore and Library, Manipur and Highland Group, Lamka, Manipur. Audio-visual materials of The NEIAV Archive are available offline at these locations.

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The Northeast India AV Archive is supported by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan and the Department of Tourism, Government of Meghalaya.

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