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'Ka Sngi Dur' Exhibition

During the nadir of the covid-19 surge, and while people began to open their doors into the world again, The Northeast India AV Archive curated the 'Ka Sngi Dur' Exhibition which was later renamed 'Road to 50' Exhibition, at the weekly market held in Pynursla. The exhibition was a very special endeavour because it was curated during a time when the world was looking for fresh events that deviated from their lockdown routine, monotonous and grey. It was the first of its kind to be organised in an outdoor public space, and the experience was paramount for both the attendees of the exhibition and the curators. People who had originally gone to the market to buy groceries for their kitchens, ended up actively participating in the exhibition by identifying the persons and locations in the photographs, and even helped reorganise the sequences of photographs displayed. The exhibition was a rather newfound endeavour undertaken by The Northeast India AV Archive, and only a conglomerate of photographs of the Statehood movement, and of farming and agriculture in the Khasi Hills were displayed, but it was a pivotal step in our journey to curating numerous photo exhibitions in the proceeding years.


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