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The Northeast India AV Archive Summit 2019

Updated: Feb 22

The Northeast India AV Archive Summit was held on the 19th and 20th, July 2019, to introduce the purpose and objectives of The Northeast India AV Archive to the Principal of St Anthony's ’s College, Dr Rev Albert Longley, the administration of the college, renowned historian, Professor Andrew May and artists, journalists and scholars from across the state of Meghalaya, in the presence of Yui Nakamura San, Senior Program Officer, Sasakawa Peace Foundation Japan. The themes of discussion addressed the significance of archives and memory institutions in historical, social, political and anthropological studies. The panel discussion entitled ‘Archives and a Sense of History’ moderated by filmmaker Tarun Bhartiya, expatiated the relationship between archives and history, and the studies of both. The panel jury consisted of Dr David R Syiemlieh, Former Chairman of Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi, Rev K Pyrtuh, Rev Br MA Abraham, Rev Fr PV Joseph, Sweety Diengdoh, Khasimon Phanbuh and Professor Andrew May, Historian, University of Melbourne.

The sessions on the archiving of photographs, film, sound, news and events were also carried out in the presence and collective consensus of the experts in the respective fields. The session on archiving of photographs was moderated by Rev Fr D John Jayakumar, Founder, Department of Mass Media, St Anthony’s College Shillong and was carried out in the presence of Mr Ahmed Hussain, Mr Ashok Elwin, Mr Kyntiewbor War, Mr Ian Lyngdoh, Mr Promise Tamang, Mr Conrad Syiem and Mr Elyon Blah. The session on archiving of films was moderated by Mr Ian Lyngdoh and included Mr Alan Kharkongor, Mr Kyntiewbor War, Mr Geoffrey Basan and well known filmmaker Mr Dominic Sangma in the panel. Sound archiving was discoursed by a panel of foremost musicians in the state which included Mr Donboklang Ryntathiang, Rudy Wallang, Ferdy A Dkhar, Lennar Phawa and K Mark Swer. The archiving of news and events was discussed and demonstrated among the leading journalists in the state, Dr RG Lyngdoh, Former Home Minister, Government of Meghalaya, Writer and Musician, Veteran News Journalist Billy Domes, Filmmaker Savio Diengdoh, Filmmaker Zorba Laloo, Photographer Ahmed Hussain and Journalist Rikynti Marwein.


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