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Collaboration with the DIPR, Government of Meghalaya

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Northeast India AV Archive is always ecstatic over productive collaborations with other organisations who share our objectives. 2022 marked the fiftieth year of Meghalaya's existence and we had a joyous time working with and assisting the DIPR, Government of Meghalaya in the creation of the Memory Crate which was locked on Meghalaya's State Day, the 21st January, 2022, and which would be opened in another fifty years from that day; the Meghalaya wall and table calendars 2022, and the Meghalaya diary 2022 were also products of the collaboration between The Northeast India AV Archive and the DIPR. The Northeast India AV Archive was also responsible for providing the various departments of the state government with photographs for their official social media pages.

A booklet containing the lyrics of songs which were sung during the movement to attain Meghalaya's statehood in the years 1971-'72 was retrieved in 2019 by The Northeast India AV Archive. The songs were later recorded in 2022 as part of the wider celebration of Meghalaya's Fiftieth State Day.


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