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> Celebrating Heritage through Stories and Photos 

In Northeast India, oral tradition has long been the primary means of communication and cultural preservation, with storytelling playing a vital role in passing down histories and legacies through generations. Despite the introduction of photography in the early 1900s, oral narratives remain central to community identity, with photographs serving as supplementary documentation of events like weddings and official functions. However, many hidden narratives remain undiscovered within family collections, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between oral and visual documentation.

"Legacy Threads" is an exhibition that aims to uncover Northeast India's historical heritage by exploring family photo collections and community archives. Through photographs, videos, letters, and artefacts, the exhibition provides insight into the diverse histories, traditions, and identities of the region's communities. The exhibition focuses on familial roots and the interconnectedness of personal narratives within the larger cultural landscape, celebrating both the uniqueness of each family's journey and the shared threads that bind communities together. By facilitating intergenerational dialogue and reflection, "Legacy Threads" aims to shed light on the hidden historical narratives of Northeast India.

6th to 9th of March 2024

Conference Hall, St. Anthony's College

11:00 am to 6:30 pm

The exhibition is open to all and there is no entry fee.

Participating Collectives / Organisations

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& Tahireh Lal 

Walkthrough Sessions

As part of the Legacy Threads Exhibition, we've arranged interactive walk-through sessions with each curator representing the collectives or organisations showcasing their work. Throughout these sessions, curators will lead attendees through their exhibition space, providing insights into the displayed materials. They will delve into the exhibit's conception, its intended message, and the creative process behind it. Moreover, curators will offer an overview of their respective organisations or collectives, shedding light on their missions, endeavors, and pertinent details.

We anticipate that these brief interactive sessions will greatly enhance our efforts to convey the importance of these organisations / collectives to the community. By engaging attendees directly through these walk-throughs, we hope to facilitate meaningful interactions and foster an interactive Q&A session for those in attendance.

Please WhatsApp / SMS +91 9862097502 if you are interested in attending these walkthrough session.

Walkthrough Schedule

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'Legacy Threads' is organised by The Northeast India AV Archive and is supported by
the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

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